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We are the manufacturer of Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC) in Saudi Arabia. The kingdom is experiencing a significant development in all fields, especially modern architectural field while retaining the authentic Arab-Islamic nature. We take pride in our products based on high quality standards and craftsmanship. We have made various different projects inside the kingdom.


Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is a composite material consisting of a mortar of hydraulic cement and fine aggregate reinforced with alkali resistant glass fibers from Nippon Electric Glass Company in Japan. The GRC may contain additional filler materials, pozzolanic materials and admixtures. The fiber contents are typically 3% to 5% by weight depending on product application and production method employed. The properties of GRC depend on a wide range of variables. These include method of manufacture, mix formulation, fiber product type, length and orientation, admixtures used, etc. A GRC material may therefore be tailored to meet the particular requirements of a specific application. The information given is mainly refers to GRC made by the spray and premix processes. These GRC materials have been widely used for many years and their properties and characteristics studied extensively. GRC products are safe, have good chemical resistance and will not rot or corrode. GRC is made of inorganic materials and will not burn, has negligible smoke emission and offers good fire resistance.


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